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Hard coded free disk space?


I was trying to upload some large ISOs and was receiving bogus "not enough free disk space" messages. A bit of hunting around and found this method:

public int GetDiskFreeSpace(ref ulong freeBytesAvailable, ref ulong totalBytes, ref ulong totalFreeBytes, DokanFileInfo info)
freeBytesAvailable = 0x20000000L;
totalBytes = 0x40000000L;
totalFreeBytes = 0x20000000L;
return 0;

Did you seriously hard code the free disk space to 512MB? It would appear to be impossible to upload a file bigger than 512MB given the above code.


TimothyKhouri wrote Nov 25, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Yes, that is hard-coded, but it could change.

I originally used this code for a RAM-drive, and just left some hard-coded values in there because "something" was required.