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Azure Virtual Directory - Version 0.0.8a (3/19/2012)

A program (or windows service) that registers a virtual directory on your local machine that is actually a gateway into an Azure Blob service. This will allow you to browse, create, modify and delete files directly in Windows Explorer, through a command prompt, or by any software that would be able to do so (as if it was writing to the local machine).

  • New structure for "Blob, Queue and Table" controllers.
    • So far, only Blob functionality is implemented.
  • Create directories (in the "Blob" controller)
    • These correspond to Azure Blob containers.

  • Mount multiple drives with the new Tray Icon GUI!
  • Browse and traverse directories
  • Delete directories (containers and virtual directories)
  • Delete files (blobs)
  • View and read and create files
    • Try to copy/paste a file into an existing container!

Screen Shot - Options panel
Options Menu.png

By the way - an example how to make a connection string can be seen in this MSDN article: Configuring Connection Strings -

Example: DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=storagesample;AccountKey=KWPLd0...beIHy5l/Yhg==

Screen Shot - Opening a mounted drive
Tray Icon.png

Screen Shot - Folder browsing
Folder Browsing.png

Important Note

The application will auto-update, but you must first install the DokanMounter prerequisite.

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